soph chiche

I like how life moves.
I try not to get in the way.


Bring a situation that seems complicated. Let's deconstruct it.
Imagine what could be. Make a new plan.


You have a team. You see its potential but everyone
is drowning in tasks. Not seeing the forest or the trees.
Time to re-shuffle? Re-direct? Re-invent?
All the above?


Life is ok. You could keep going as is. But you want more.
I want more for you. Let's figure out what would have you jumping out of bed to have a delicious day.
Every day.


You have an audience. A mastermind. A podcast.
What do you want to bring to them?
Inspiration? Clarity? Tough love?


I am French by birth but American by soul.
I am a psychologist and corporate strategist.
I've built companies from $11 to $11M.
My new venture, Be Current helps individuals and teams close the gap between where they are and where they want to be.
Enough about me... let's talk about you